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7/22/2016 10:28 am

Why Join the PTA?


At the start of every school year the PTA has a Fall Fundraiser.  For the past several years instead of asking our families to sell candy, cookie dough or wrapping paper we have asked you to donate to the Annual Fund campaign.  Essentially, we ask our families to donate an amount equal to $35 per child to support academic programs and community events.  The PTA uses the donations to enhance the education experience of every Creek View student.  Our 2016-17 budget is available on our website here.


This year we are excited to partner with the school Administration to support Project Based Learning that is being implemented in each classroom. We want to make sure our teachers have all the resources they need to effectively implement this method of learning. Please join the PTA and make a donation to the Annual Fund.  We are offering free gifts as a thank you.  But, we know that no one really donates because of the "free gifts".  We hope you donate because it makes Creek View a better place to learn for our students and a fun place to be for our families.  Thank you.