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Creek View PTA knows how much some of you love to spoil our teachers throughout the year.  This year we have asked the teachers to fill out some of their favorite things for our new website to make it easier to know their likes and dislikes.  With the holidays right around the corner we thought we would share the information with you in case you need it.  Please keep Fulton County Policy in mind when planning teacher's gifts:  Class Parents may organize  teacher gifts for the class or allow parents to show appreciation in their own way. Fulton County guidelines state: an individual gift to a teacher may not exceed value of $25; a group gift may not exceed $500, with each contributor’s value not to exceed $10.  Please click on the link below to see the list of Teacher/Staff Favorite things!




Debbie Doss

Assistant Principal

Jennifer Rosenthall

Administrative Asst

Dorian Gower

Curriculum Support Teacher

Jenny Hamilton

Instructional Support Teacher

Dana Thompkins

Guidance Counselor

Chris Emerson

PBL Coach

Crissy Wade


Evelyn Backa


Lindsay Attolini

Social Worker

Lisa Lewy

Cluster Nurse

TracyLynn Wagner

Media Specialist

Lora Wood

General Music

Liz Crane


Karen Bower


Simone Maranto


Nancy Reed

Physical Education

Kris Melnyk


Zeljko Ribaric


Julie Hagan


Kathy McLaughlin


Melissa Odell


Dana Thompkins

Technology Specialist

Eugene Polyanskiy


Colleen Kelly

Parent Liaison

Sangeetha Suhanthan


Kim Clark


Kimberly Giles


Heidi Holcomb


Susie Kim


Jan Leicht


Cameron Stewart

First Grade

Braham Berman


Alyssa Cole


Kerry Happe


Lauren Heitmeier


Latasha Smalls


Natasha Springer


Roxanna Vera

Second Grade

Marc Barrett


Allison Bates


Joanna Danley


Trisha Flugel


Jeanette Mauro


Tracy Schrantz


Kristen Sheppard

Third Grade

Paul Chesher


Julian Franklin


Stacie Jassen


Stephanie Kohler


Annie Linton


Jennifer Nickerson


Julie Stallard


Elizabeth Roth

Fourth Grade

Allison Bastecki


Margaux Galloway


Adrienne Hunter


Sanam Noorani


Thelma Romeo


David Smith

Fifth Grade

Helaine Becker


Theresa Howard


Steve Johnson


Shawna Lyons


Tamara Moor


Alison Snow

Talented and Gifted (TAG)

Jennifer Bowers


Carol Evans

Interrelated Resource (IRR)

Christine Byl (4th grade)


Mollie DeCouto (1st grade)


Cathy Schefer (5th grade)


Kelly Slater 


Jillian Smoller (2nd grade)


Robin Walters (3rd grade)

Principal's Secretary

Cathy Aielli

Front Office Secretaries

Monica Bhatnagar


Heidi Osthoff

Data and Records Clerk

Kim Foresman

Clinic Assistant

Trish Connolly


Mime Carstarphen (IRR)


Kaddy Duncan (K/Clark)


Lauren Elliott (K/Leicht)


Phylis Hardy (PE)


Marilynn Harkless (IRR)


Gin Hou (IRR)


Maria Jackson (Comp. Lab)


Judy Nesselroad (PE)


Jenny Shaw (K/Giles)


Cynthia Simmons (K/Kim)


Eva Spead (Media Center)


Michele Tomasin (K/Stewart)


Kristin Weger (ESOL)


Roxann Wruble (K/Holcomb)

Food Services

Chris Schram


Lynn Crowe


Jenna Howard


Liliana Mazar

Custodial Services

Anselme Baptiste 


Abraham Appolon


Mamond Clerveaux


Renei Guillaume


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