Chairs: Kimberly Wolf & Sue Moore

The Science Adventure Zone is a PTA initiative that delivers coordinated science lab activities for all students in grades K-5, in support of the Fulton County Science Curriculum.  Below is a tentative schedule for the 2016-2017 school year and is subject to change.


The following labs are offered, based on the curriculum roll-out schedule provided by the CST and the Grade Level Chairs yearly.

  • Kindergarten: Physical Properties; Plants
  • 1st: Water; Sound & Light
  • 2nd: Forces & Motion; Pushes & Pulls; Causes of Change
  • 3rd: Magnets & Lab Safety; Rocks & Soil; Habitats (Owl Pellets); Heat
  • 4th: Solar System; Forces & Motion; Sound & Light; Ecosystems
  • 5th: Constructive & Destructive Processes; Microbial Mystery; Chemical & Physical Changes; Electricity & Magnets


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