CVES PTA has several different fundraising programs to meet our goals...


For more details on our goals for 2018-2019 full budget is HERE.


2018-2019 Budget Summary "large budget lines" include:

$7,000     STEM LAB, phase I
$5,000     Campus improvements, Playground/play pad improvements (supporting the 30min per day recess)
$6,000     PBL Supplies ($1,000 per grade to support the supply needs for 3-4 projects)
$3,600     Media Center/PE/Music/Art - $900 per area in Curriculum Support
$3,200     Agendas, each student grades 1-5th 
$600        Young Author Project Kindergarten, each student created own story book. 
$5,050     Staff Engagement - teacher lunches, treats, pre/post planning lunches, bus driver luncheon
$7,100     Community events: Dad's Club/Administrative Programs/SoG/B&B/Reflections Art Program/Tissue Tea
$6,310     Administration: Insurance/Bank fees/Audit/Supplies/Technology fees/CC processing fees/etc. 
To make these programs (and more) a reality - we need your support. Please review all the fundraising opportunities below that will directly support the programs listed above.

Fall Fundraiser - one time, annual donation to the PTA. To meet our goals $35 per student or $100 per family is needed.  Our goal is 100% participation. More info HERE.


Soft Fundraiser - Amazon, Publix, Kroger, Box Tops and more. More info HERE


Business Partners - We are proud and thankful to our CVES PTA Business Partners they contribute to the financial goals of our PTA.  Please support them when you can. More info HERE.


Corporate Matching - Many of our local employers match dollar for dollar donations.  Please remember to ask.  CVESPTA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency, EIN#: 58-2616176  


Donations - Other donations are welcome, CVESPTA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency, EIN#: 58-2616176.  Please contact us at 


Business Partners 2020-2021

Interested in becoming a Creek View Business Partner for the 2020-2021 school year? Email us at for more information.