Planning ahead for 2017-2018, So is the PTA!

 Here are some useful information to help!


Sneak Peek 2017 Information HERE


First day of school August 7th


CVES Calendar for 2017-2018 HERE


Fulton County Website Calendar for 2017-2018 HERE


Additional RFF Days at CVES/WBMS/AHS

RFF#1 - September 1st - Professional Development Day

RFF#2 - October 5th - Professional Development Day 

RFF#3 - January 16th - Professional Development Day

RFF#4 - March 8th - Professional Development Day


School Supplies List for 2017-2018 HERE

Send your child to school ready for the year with school supplies!

Every student must have a set of headphones and a water bottle.


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